Pastoral coordination office

ECC-PACO-A.A is the Pastoral Coordination branch of the Archdiocese. it's role is to encourage and follow all the pastoral aspect of our Archdiocese. These are the different desks working under it.

Pastoral Formation Coordination Desk

Enhance catechism, evangelization with ongoing formations in different levels


Organizes and provides different seminars and materials that are helpful in molding and uplifting the life of the children of the Catholic Church and also for catholic Christians according to their ages and understandings.


The main target of the evangelization department is spreading the word of God in different ways especially by knowing and living it and most of all providing up to date information on the Catholic teachings.

The Lay apostolate Ministry

Help the faithful to grow in their faith in order to be able to respond to their specific vocation and become active participants in the apostolic mission of the church in the Archdiocese.

Bible Correspondence

Disseminates the Word of God among the laity and Create opportunities of reaching the lay faithful by way of theology classes and correspondence.

Blessed GebreMichael Library

Promotes and encourages the culture of reading and provide the available print and audiovisual resources to the public.

Prisoners’ Chaplaincy

Provides a Chaplaincy Service for prisoners and Hospitals in the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, improve the lives of prisoners within the framework of the constitution of our country and promote solidarity with respected institutions.

Young Catholic Workers Movement

Coordinates & follow up the Y.C.W movement in the Archdiocese and disseminates massages & publications which focus on the spiritual & material life of the young workers.

Youth Coordination Office

The youth Activities coordination office develops and expands the services rendered to the youth of the arch diocese that the Catholic youth could explore the spiritual and social values and the questions of life. Encourages the youth to incorporate spirituality into their everyday lives and to be dedicated to create an ethical and Christianized society.

Communications & Audiovisual Ministry

Communicates the gospel to the public, using the possible menses of the mass communications, to enable specially the Catholic Christians in the archdiocese enrich their faith

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  • P.O. Box 21768, Addis Ababa