Social developement coordination office

ECC-SDCO-A.A is the social and development wing of ACS, and is responsible for the implementation and coordination of social and development projects and programs implemented and run by the various Catholic Congregations and directly by the office itself with in the mandated areas of ACS. While discharging its duties, ECC-SDCO, A.A works with the government bodies, communities and religious institutions and other NGOs. To the extent possible, ECC-SDCO, A.A integrates its development plan, strategies and needs in line with the development plan, strategies and priorities of the goverment and target communities consistent with its objectives & principles.

Education program

The Ethiopian Catholic Church in general and the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa in particular has been involved in the education sector since the past several years. Some of the schools currently operating in the Archdiocese have been providing their services for more than 80 years.

The Church, through its educational institutions, has been playing an active and invaluable role in creating well educated, productive, responsible and ethical citizens to the country. There are 52 formal education institutions in the Archdiocese of which 22 are KGs and the rest 30 schools are primary and secondary schools/TVET schools. These schools are giving services for around 30,000 students every year and at present the schools have 957 teachers with different qualifications.

Health Program

The Catholic Church, through its various congregations has for long been involved in providing health care services to the needy and poor people across the country including the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa. The over all objective of the Church's health institutions is to provide basic health services to the needy and poor communities. The Church's health institutions have good structures and are equipped with dedicated religious volunteers and professional health workers. The interventions of the Archdiocese in the health sector is increasing from time to time.

The ACS, through the various congregations has been providing primary health services in line with the government policies and the social teachings of the Catholic Church. The existing 10 health institutions in the Archdiocese.( 4 health centers; 5 clinics and 1 health post ) are creating access to hundreds of thousands of economically less privileged and vulnerable groups of the society particularly mothers and children.

Agriculture and Food Security

There is serious urban poverty and rural food insecurity in most of the operation areas of the Archdiocese. Chronic and transitory food insecurity prevails due to the production pattern which is highly dependent on rainfall and based on traditional farming system. In line with the needs of the community it serves, and the five years strategic plan ACS has given due attention for agriculture and food security projects. Currently it is engaged in the implementation of integrated food security projects in the various parts of the Archdiocese.

WID/GAD Projects/Skill Training Centers

The overall objective of the WID/GAD projects/Skill Training Centers is to assist the local poor women through income generating activities. While major areas of intervention are: Skills Training, Income Generating and saving and credit Schemes. With this objective, the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, through the various congregations, has been exerting all possible effort to respond to the socio-economic needs of poor and marginalized women in its mandatory area.

The presence of women Promotion Centers and WID/GAD projects in the various parts of the Archdiocese shows the Church’s Commitment in the sector. With the changing situation and needs of the targeted women, at present an effort is being exerted to shift from traditional skill training activities( like embroidery) to activities that can generate better income and employment opportunities to the beneficiaries. A WID/GAD Desk has been set up in the year 2003 in order to coordinate WID/GAD programs and projects that are implemented by the various congregations. At present there are 14 WID/GAD projects /skill training centers in the Archdiocese.

Social Rehabilitation

The Catholic Archdiocese of Addis Ababa has for long been engaged in social welfare and rehabilitation work to respond to needs of the poorest of the poor, the marginalized, the disabled, sick and dying destitute, orphans, vulnerable children and the elderly people.

♣ Currently, there are around 11 registered social rehabilitation and welfare projects in the Archdiocese.

Water and Sanitation Projects.

The main objectives of the Water and Sanitation interventions are:

==> To provide access to clean and potable water to the needy people in the targeted areas

==> To improve environmental sanitation of targeted areas and health status of the needy community through provision of sanitation facilities and appropriate education and awareness raising interventions.

ACS has been actively engaged in the provision of clean water and sanitation facilities to the community in its mandatory area. In the past 10 years different successful Community Based Water Supply and Sanitation projects have been implemented benefiting more than 40,000 people.

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