St Michael parish

The parish of Saint Gabriel is situated in Gerji, in front of the "Ambassa Garaj. Attached to the Church is the Minor seminary of the Archdiocese and the St Michael Pastoral and Social center of the Archdiocese

Catholic population is: 876.

Saint Michael

Annual feast is:

Abba Girmae MESGENNA


Mass time

Masses are in Amharic and Ge'ez

Every day: 6:30 Am

Sunday mass: 6:30 Am Amharic

Sunday solemn mass: 7:30 AM Ge'z

Contact us

P.O Box 2141

Kifle ketema: Bole. Kebele:08/09

Tel: 00 251 011 662 74 37

  • Phone:

  • P.O. Box 21768, Addis Ababa