The Archdiocese being an oriental catholic diocese the masses in the parishes of Addis Abeba are in Geez rite. Some churches celebrat in fully Geez language and others in Amharic. But Addis Abeba being the place of African Union there are masses in English, French and in Italian for those who are used to Latin Rite.



Amharic Mass

All the parishes of the Archdiocese have Amharic mass (Geez Rite) at 7:30 Am. You can go to one of the parishes to have the Eucharist.

English mass

The English Mass (Latin Rite) is celebrated only in the Parish of Holy Savior, in Churchil Road in front of the office of Ethio Telecom. The sunday mass is at 10.00 Am.

French mass

The french speaking community has their mass in french (Latin Rite) every sunday at 10:30 Am in the chapel of the "Nazereth School" near Sidist Kilo round about.

Italian mass

The italian speaking community has their mass (Latin Rite) every sunday at 11:00 Am in the Holy Savior Parish Church in Churchil Road.

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